Aims & Goals

9 05 2009

The ultimate outcome of my blog  is to improve ICT and Literacy skills amongst students with the help of their teachers. The writing of drama script for audio recording will address the creativity and literacy skills on which the success of this project depends. The actual recording and uploading exposes the teachers and students to relatively advanced ICT skills and the blogging and exchange of information on the blog enhances those same skills.

Though the blog will allow the students themselves to manipulate, record and share audio recordings, the role of the teacher is essential as a facilitator and mentor.


I will broadly categorize the type of content that the blog will have into three- AUDIO RECORDINGS, SCRIPT and SUPPORT for TEACHERS. The first will be the actual titles of audio recordings organized in genres.  The second will be the scripts that will be associated with each audio sequence.

Apart from the audio recordings and the scripts which users will be able to share and comment upon, this blog will serve as a depot of materials to support the teacher. In the section Support For Teachers there will be  tutorials which teachers will be able to follow.

The AudioDrama4Kids blog will initially include a number of pre-recorded drama sequences, representing the main themes/genres plus a virtual tour  which demonstrates what can be done on the blog so that new users will get acquainted very easily to the project functionality.

 The blog will include one very interesting feature, the possibility for more advanced users to actually bring their script to life by filming it or creating an animation synchronized with it. The section called ‘Animate Your Drama’ will include tutorials and support on how this can be done. This section will be administered together with the  Blog that my colleague Rosalie Zammit is creating.


The methods to be used in class are essentially two. First, I will run one-to-one sessions with teachers to communicate the concept and transmit the basic skills. Secondly I will do demonstrations to the whole class on what can be done on the blog. Reference to web sites using the same concept (for the same aims, ie literacy and creativity) such as FanFiction will be used at this demonstration stage.

The class set up will be used as well for ongoing support and for communicating improvements and conduct training or instructions on Netiquette.  


This project exposes all users,  teachers and students to various media such as writing, audio and potentially video and animation.



Downloading Audacity

2 05 2009


Audacity Tutorial

2 05 2009


Posting Script on the Blog

2 05 2009

Posting Audio on the blog

2 05 2009

Script Writing

2 05 2009